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Inspiration • Cement tiles for the bathroom


Choose cement tiles for your bathroom and even for your shower. Hydrophobic, slightly textured yet soft to the touch, they are naturally non-slip and therefore perfect for tiling a shower tray.

Cement Tiles for the Shower
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Bathroom accent wall

Intimate and authentic, traditional or modern, a cement tile accent wall will perfectly embellish your bathroom.
Hydrophobic and soft to the touch, they are the perfect solution for all your bathroom cement tile projects.

Cement Tiles for Bathroom Walls
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Bathroom floor

Bathroom floors are subject to heavy use, or dare we say abuse? Here are just a few we can think of: Kids walking on the wet floor with shoes, dirty feet before getting in the shower, or clean but wet feet getting out of the shower, water splashes, soap and shampoo projections, lotion stains, nail polish and nail polish remover spills…

Cement Tiles for Bathroom Floors
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A beautiful bathroom with cement tiles

Intrinsically intimate, the bathroom should be functional, enjoyable, and aesthetically pleasing. Cement tile is an excellent solution to meet all these expectations. Beautiful, hydrophobic, and soft to the touch while being non-slip, it is the ideal match for your bathroom. Hexagonal or squared, plain or patterned, you will always find a model that suits your bathroom style. Cement tiles can be installed on bathroom floors and walls, as a sink backsplash, in the shower, or around the bathtub. Bathroom decoration comes down to your personal preference. If you like to shower in the evening before bed, your bathroom should invite feelings of calm and rest. Choose soft, relaxing colours and pastel tones accompanied by dim lighting. Do you shower in the morning to wake up? Choose bright colours, mix patterns and favor bright lighting. The bathroom is also a space where you can combine materials: cement tile and wood go together very well, for example.

Bathroom shower

Choose CAROCIM cement tiles for your shower! Hydrophobic, slightly textured yet soft to the touch, it is naturally non-slip. We love using the floor pattern and flipping it up to use as an accent wall in the shower, and keep the other walls in solid-coloured cement tiles or use a different material, such as waxed concrete. These two materials go very well together, and we recommend exploring this combo. On floors (link)or walls, they will adorn your shower for many years. Discover our selection for a superb cement tile shower. (link)

Bathroom shower Installation & care recommendations

The cement tile is authentic and cozy, making it ideal for the bathroom. However, since it is a humid room, we recommend you follow our installation & care instructions thoroughly for your tiles to stand the test of time. To preserve their non-slip quality, avoid wax-based protectants. Use our specific products instead. As for routine care, use a mild, neutral detergent applied with a soft cloth. Be careful when using descaling products on faucets, as they are acidic. They should not be spilled on tiles, as it would result in permanent staining. Discover our selection of cement tiles for bathroom walls. (link)

Other rooms in your home

Our creations will allow you to decorate all the other rooms in your home. Cement tiles for the kitchen offer many options. Discover our selection of wall tiles and outdoor floors.

Decorative ideas for a bathroom with cement tiles

Are you looking to give your bathroom a new look and don't know where to start?

1 — Driftwood furniture with cement tiles

For a chic and stylish décor, driftwood furniture is perfect, especially with a cement tile floor in your bathroom. These pieces are unique and original, and will add a natural touch to your bathroom. Driftwood furniture is very durable, which is perfect for a bathroom. To choose your driftwood furniture, it is important to consider the size of your bathroom. In fact, if you have a small bathroom, you should not choose furniture that is too large so as not to reduce your space too much.

Driftwood furniture is made from recycled wood. It is an excellent way to give a second life to materials that would have been thrown away. You can choose driftwood furniture, stained or painted for an even more personal décor.

If you want to create a zen atmosphere in your bathroom, driftwood furniture is for you.

2 — XXL mirrors to reflect the patterns of your cement tiles

XXL mirrors are a very popular décor trend. They help to visually enlarge the room and give it a more luxurious look. They are perfect for bathrooms that lack a little light, as they reflect light and amplify it.

XXL mirrors can be placed above the sink or next to it, according to your preferences. You can opt for a model with an integrated LED. The possibilities are endless with these stylish and functional mirrors.

For a trendy bathroom, consider light wood furniture and cement tile flooring!

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