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Are you an architect or a designer? Since 1980 CAROCIM has been working to perpetuate the know-how and tradition of cement tile manufacturing. With your participation, we want to keep deepening our passion for these unique tiles. Whether you love one of our designs, would like to create a customised one (shape/size/pattern), or recreate a vintage tile for a renovation project, our dedicated sales and design teams are there to assist you with tile creation and professional rates.

Whatever your project, Fanny or Marta from our sales team will be happy to help you. Due to their extensive experience, they will be able to support and advise you on design, feasibility, lead time, as well as offer you professional rates.

Our showroom is reserved for you on Mondays. Contact us to schedule your visit: 

Tél. : +33 (0)4 42 92 20 39



Custom-made: Do you love one of our cement tile patterns but want it in a different colour combination? We can make it happen! Get in touch with our sales team, let them know the colours you want, and you will receive the tiles of your dream six to eight weeks later.



Are you an architect or a designer and would like to see one of your designs on our cement tiles for yourself or your clients? We would love to make it happen! Get in touch with our sales team, send us your design, the tile size and shape, and we will quickly get back to you with a project proposal, including divider creation, colour tests, and final product shipping.

Antique Tiles

Are you an architect, Bâtiments de France architect, or general contractor renovating a historic or antique building? Did you discover a forgotten tile? A partition wall was moved and you are missing tiles to join it back? Do you want to extend the same look and atmosphere to other rooms? Or replace only a few tiles? We will be happy to support those wondrous projects. Please get in touch with our sales team, send us a few photos, tile shape and size, and we will quickly get back to you with a customised solution that will fit within your project’s timeframe.