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Myriam De Loor & Pan Gang met in 2002 and decided to share their artistic and cultural worlds. For Myriam, a Belgian colourist, it is about the passion for colour, childhood, and art. For Pan, it is about the legacy of a family of kite-flyers and poetic know-how that flies from one generation to the next. Together, they create the Petit Pan lifestyle: more than just a brand, it is a philosophy of life and decoration dedicated to joie de vivre and a colourful haberdashery for all our creatives out there! Petit Pan collections are timeless, composed of simple shapes and vibrant colours. For 20 years, their enthusiasm has given birth to the joyful palettes of the Petit Pan collections. With CAROCIM, they create a New Decorative Universe for floors and walls. Their motto is “Living in Multicolour”.

Petit Pan® Collection