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20x10cm / 16 mm
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Choose your cement tile baseboards

With our wide selection of handcrafted cement tile baseboard models, you will easily find the style that suits your interior. In addition, we will be happy to assist you with your purchase, or you can use our online configurator to generate the final rendering.

Why choose cement tile baseboards? 

What better way to finish the aesthetics and design of your home or apartment than with handcrafted cement tile baseboards? With a cement tile baseboard, you can significantly improve the finish and quality of the walls. Modern cement tile baseboards have been specifically designed to be elegant and look great while protecting against wall damage. At CAROCIM, we have planned a wide range of cement tile baseboards for an impeccable finish.

Finally, tile baseboards’ robustness is far superior to that of PVC or wood baseboards, ensuring better interior durability.  

Advantages of cement tile baseboards 

Cement tile baseboards are the perfect solution to hide the junction between the wall and your cement tiles on the floor while adding a stylish touch to your room. In addition, these baseboards protect the wall, regardless of the coating, from dirt and damage. Our online store offers a unique range of cement tile baseboards designed and created by hand. These baseboards create a timeless look for your home or commercial space.

How to choose your cement tile baseboards? 

At the end of the renovation process of your floor or the entire room, the baseboards are the final and decisive element to obtain a harmonious and beautiful result. 

First, consider the size of cement tile baseboards relative to the room. Our baseboards are 20 centimeters wide, 10 cm high, and 16 mm thick and have a moulded appearance. 

Then consider the colour. If you have already chosen the cement tiles you want to install, select the baseboard that best matches the floor and room colours. Our tile baseboards are available in various solid colours, including neutral tones and classic shades. 

How to install cement tile baseboards?

Cement tile baseboard installation is the final step for a room or floor renovation. 

The result depends on various factors: the quality of the products used, especially the glue. Feel free to discover the products we offer for the maintenance and gluing of cement tiles.

The first step is to prepare the base to make sure that your wall is flat, then that no residue could impede the adhesion of the glue (like dust, glue, grease). 

Then comes laying out your baseboards to calculate the number of tile baseboards necessary by measuring the length of your walls and dividing it by the length of one tile. Be sure to align your baseboards with cement tiles already on the walls or floors for a harmonious result.

Finally, it is time to glue the baseboards, for which we suggest double gluing. This involves applying glue to both the wall and the tile baseboard for more adhesion. All you have to do is apply the baseboard aligned with your tile or cement tile on the floor, and put pressure on the baseboard to ensure the double gluing is effective.