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A collection of modern cement tiles

Discover the new CAROCIM Sim.PL Collection, signed by our artistic director Marta Pignol. 

Sim.PL is a synthesis of light, material, and colour translated into a minimalist and contemporary style. Pure lines, geometry, and simplicity are the sources of inspiration. Bright and tangy colour associations converse with one another to bring dimension to your cement tiles.

Who said cement tile rhymes with old style? In recent years, we have seen it come back to home interiors, kitchens, bathrooms, and living rooms to adorn and decorate living rooms and these living quarters and make them warm and inviting. The Sim.PL Collection is intentionally different with its more classic patterns. Simple but effective, thanks to its modern and contemporary lines and curves and its bright and soft colours combined for optimal harmony. 

Colourful cement tiles for a modern and contemporary interior 

Our Sim.PL cement tile range comes in different geometric patterns: rounded, linear, or a combination of both. 

As accent cement tiles or as a frieze on a wall, our Sim.PL tiles will brighten your interior and give it a contemporary look & feel.

The bright colours used by our artisans to make these cement tiles will blend perfectly with many types of interiors as we have imagined and designed tiles with more neutral hues, as well as brightly coloured and mixed cement tiles.

In a bathroom, the Beam tiles, with their pink, green, or bluish hues, will bring a natural and soft look to your bathroom’s ambiance, while the more colourful Hemisphere cement tiles will give it a dynamic vibe. 

For an even more modern interior style, opt for Pythagorean cement tiles, with straight and determined lines that come in different colours and combine great with Triangle tiles from the Sim.PL. 

You can also combine them with classic and plain tiles for a more subtle decor.

Also, discover the Monochromic range: a collection of cement tiles with South of France accents, for indoor or outdoor, as well as our new collections.