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Paola Navone's traditional and colorful cement tiles

Paola Navone is a renowned architect, designer, and artistic director with a visionary and eclectic approach. She is passionate about the tastes and colors of the Southern Hemisphere, which she knows so well, as well as Western styles rich in tradition and dynamism. Her boundless curiosity is reflected in a constant exploration of materials, shapes, and structures from the past, present, and future.

That is why we collaborated with her to create a range of cement tiles with traditional and warm patterns in a variety of color schemes, from classic to original.

All named after typical places in Sicily, her native Italy, Paola Navone's cement tiles are a superb option to implement in your interior, on the floor and on the wall, to add a warm touch.

The round and simple patterns of Paola Navone's cement tiles will give your decoration an incomparable touch, and the charm of the cement tile will change the look of the space.

Colorful cement tiles

Inspired by Italy, and especially Sicily, the cement tiles in the Paola Navone range are mostly colorful and bring dynamism and cheerfulness to all imaginative decorations, especially the simplest ones.

Available in blue, yellow, and gold, or even burgundy red, these bright colors will revive the simplest decorations.

Finally, some tiles are available in more neutral shades (gray, white, and black) so that they blend more easily into your interior.

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