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Cement Tiles for Kitchen Counters & Backsplash

Counters & backsplash

We love cement tiles for kitchen counters and backsplash because it becomes the focal point of the kitchen and sometimes even the entire house with an open-space concept.

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Cement Tiles for Backsplash and Kitchen Countertop

The kitchen backsplash is a fundamental element of interior design. It protects the walls from splashes and stains and gives your kitchen a clean and tidy appearance. It is installed above the countertop and shields the walls from splashes and dirt. The backsplash can be made of glass, stainless steel, natural stone, laminate, or cement tiles.

The kitchen backsplash can be installed by a professional or by a homeowner. It is important to follow the installation instructions carefully to avoid accidents and ensure optimal durability of your cement tile backsplash. Regular maintenance is necessary to keep the backsplash aesthetically pleasing and functional.

The most popular colors for kitchen backsplashes are white, black, and gray. These colors blend perfectly with all kitchen styles and adapt to any decor. If you want to add more dynamism to your kitchen, opt for a colorful backsplash! Red, yellow, or orange are colors that can bring character to your kitchen. The wide range of colors offered in the Carocim collections allows you to create the most beautiful colorful backsplashes for your kitchen.

A cement tile backsplash or wall in the kitchen becomes the focal point, sometimes even of the entire house if it is an open-plan layout. Thanks to its numerous colors and patterns, cement tile harmoniously dresses up this wall, creating a space for freedom and creativity. Hydrophobic, it also effectively protects the wall from kitchen splashes. Once treated, it can be easily cleaned with just a cloth and some soap, making it an excellent choice for a backsplash. Furthermore, as it ages, it gains patina and shine, revealing its beauty over time.

In terms of usage and decoration, you can choose to use the same pattern for the backsplash and countertop, or distinguish them. Similarly, the backsplash pattern can cover the entire wall or reappear in a few tiles for a more subtle reminder. It all depends on personal taste. A historical pattern or a solid model in pastel tones can blend with the furniture and give a traditional and authentic feel, while a more contemporary choice, colorful or even a patchwork of cement tiles (a mix of patterns), can create a striking and modern look in the kitchen. Additionally, a long and low backsplash can modernize the space, while a taller backsplash is perceived as more traditional (and provides better wall protection).

Feel free to play with tile sizes as well: square 20x20 cm tiles or classic hexagonal cement tiles, or on the contrary, small 5x5 cm tiles or large modern hexagons. Another creative option is the installation pattern: traditional straight lines or contemporary diagonals. With or without a border, with or without cuts when installed diagonally, the possibilities to vary your decor are nearly endless!

We have numerous models of cement tiles for backsplashes that you can choose from, available in a thickness of 16 mm, which is sufficient. The 20 mm thickness can be chosen if desired, but it is not necessary for a wall where the tile's strength is less tested. Take the time to explore all our creations before making your choice: Carocim collections, historical designs, recent creations, or renowned designers - everything is possible.

Our tips for installing your cement tile backsplash:

The two main tips concern the installation of your cement tile backsplash or wall tiles in your kitchen, as well as the maintenance of your cement tiles.

Before installing your tiles, it is crucial to carefully read and follow our advice sheets. This will ensure both safety if you are doing the installation yourself and the protection and longevity of the cement tiles. It will also guarantee a perfect result.

Once your cement tiles and backsplash are in place, remember to protect them with our specialized products for the long-term durability of your kitchen in general and your tiles in particular. Additionally, maintenance will be easier.

Treatment products allow you to finalize the installation and protect your cement tile backsplash, while cleaning products allow you to easily clean your kitchen backsplash while respecting the material used.

Also, explore our inspiration pages, especially our selection of cement tiles for the kitchen and kitchen floors.