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Cement Tile Treatment Products

Cement tile is a limestone material consisting mainly of cement, as its name suggests, as well as sand and marble powder. The latter is only in the coloured top layer. The colour is obtained by mixing the marble powder with colour pigments. The cement tile has two defects: it is calcareous and porous. As a result, it does not like acids, which burn it, and oils, which it absorbs. That’s why we protect cement tiles with a sealant. We offer various sealant options, from thick to thin, more to less protective, tinted to transparent, with or without UV-protectant. It is therefore essential to choose the adequate sealer and apply it once during tile installation, and then you are set for life. Do not hesitate to contact us should you need any advice. And make sure to follow application instructions.

Once the sealer treatment has been applied, the cement tile only has qualities: decorative, resistant, hydrophobic, and natural. Tile routine care can then be done using water and a neutral (such as Mr. Clean or St Marc), followed by a thorough rinse. Over time, this will give the tile a natural patina. Washing the tile will progressively remove the sealant in favour of a natural patina, which protects the tile. The coloured top layer has the advantage of being about 5-mm thick.

How to maintain cement tiles? 

If any blemish or scratch appears on the tile's surface, gently sand the cement tile with a very fine and delicate sandpaper until the scuff disappears. Reminder: Never use acid-based products, even if diluted, such as vinegar, anti-scale, etc., or pure bleach, as it would cause permanent staining of the cement tiles (acid destroys limestone).

Make sure to use a cutting board with cement tile kitchen counters, just like you would with other counter materials.

The sealant treatment does not need to be reapplied unless an abrasive cleaning has been done and the impermeability of the tiles is compromised.

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