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20x20cm / 16 mm
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20x20cm / 16 mm
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Discover our new collections of Cement Tiles

At CAROCIM, we are committed to making cement tiles continually feel modern and fresh. This means offering multiple new collections throughout the year, giving you infinite choices in perpetual renewal. 

Thanks to our team of designers and artistic director, we create new collections regularly, in collaboration with our artisans who bring our ideas, inspirations, and creations to life. 

Our cement tile collections can be: 

  • Classic, with traditional cement tiles, especially with solid-colored cement tiles. This allows you to have a base to create your wall or floor cement tile  pattern. We constantly renew our colour offerings through our new collections.  
  • With patterns, like for example with our exclusive collaborations, such as Monochromic. These collaborations with well-known designers give us unique and original cement tiles to enhance your interior or exterior decoration. 

Unique and artisanal cement tiles

Our cement tile production quality is as essential and vital to us as the tile variety we offer. Our cement tiles are produced by hand to offer you the best quality cement tiles. 

It is with our artisans that we create each of the models we imagine, and their know-how gives life to our ideas. 

Discover our range of cement tiles, especially those dedicated to the bathroom or the kitchen, as well as our ideas for using cement tiles in a powder room