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Monochromic: provençal cement tile par excellence

Monochromic is a collection of cement tiles co-created by CAROCIM and Monochromic. Karine Lanny is a designer and craftswoman from Marseille. Her work includes different techniques and materials, including concrete.

A collaboration between two women who are passionate about their craft and know-how, they decided to combine their strengths to offer a range of cement tiles inspired by Provence and the identities of their two brands. 

The muette (mute in French), Monochromic’s iconic object shaped as a cicada, adorns the cement tiles, evoking the south of France and Provence through their soft and attractive colours.

Provençal cement tiles for interior and exterior

Monochromic cement tiles in your interior

For style and warmth, opt for Monochromic cement tiles in your home, especially in your kitchen or living room. Perfect for these living spaces, cement tiles will be simple to maintain and bring cheerfulness and originality to your decoration. 

These provençal-style cement tiles will bring an authentic and traditional side to your kitchen or living room, while keeping the warm and inviting vibe of your home. Whether installed on floors or walls, as a decorative accent paired with solid-colored tiles or arranged in blocks, we are convinced that they will please you.

A terrace or outdoor kitchen in Monochromic cement tiles

What better way to decorate your patio or outdoor kitchen than a Provençal touch? This collaboration also aims to bring our dear customers a South of France touch into their home, wherever they are.

Thanks to their provençal inspiration, Monochromic cement tiles are all suitable for a terrace or outdoor kitchen for outstanding decoration and sun-filled hues.

Monochromic cement tiles: an air of Provence

The Monochromic x CAROCIM range comes in two sizes and three patterns to give layout options.

You will find the model La Grande Muette, which, as the name suggests, is a cement tile that represents a cicada that recalls Provence, offered in large size for a strong statement, in different colours inspired by Provence. Ten models of La Grande Muette cement tiles are offered with various colour combinations to suit your tastes: powder pink, terracotta, sage green, blue, black or whitewash. 

La Petite Muette model embodies discretion with small cicadas in different colours for a more delicate style. 24 cement tiles models are available, combining different shade harmonies inspired by the South of France. 

These first two models are 20 x 20 cm in size and 16-mm thick.

While the Bejmat cement tile model, which measures 10 x 20 cm, is intended to accentuate, frame, or be combined with classic tiles, according to your desired outcome.

Available in 20 models, with various shade combos: black, whitewash, terracotta, powder pink or sage green. 

In short, cement tiles with soft, bright, warm and welcoming colours will brighten your interior or exterior. 

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