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Cement Tiles for the Shower


Choose cement tiles for your bathroom and even for your shower. Hydrophobic, slightly textured yet soft to the touch, they are naturally non-slip and therefore perfect for tiling a shower tray.

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Your cement tile shower

In your bathroom, especially in your shower, don't hesitate to choose the cement tile solution. Hydrophobic, slightly granular yet soft to the touch, it is naturally slip-resistant, making it perfect for tiling a shower tray. The same properties make it suitable for decorating shower walls or bathtub surrounds.

At Carocim, we particularly enjoy playing with cement tiles in the shower space, and we have plenty of solutions to offer. For a traditional look, limit the pattern to the floor, preferably a historical pattern, and use solid tiles on the walls in tonal harmony with one of the dominant colors from the floor. You can also incorporate the pattern from your bathroom floor by randomly adding tiles to the walls with a density that suits your taste. For a more contemporary aspect, mix patterns between the floor and walls while staying within the same color palette. If you prefer a bohemian touch, feel free to mix patterns in different color tones for each wall panel and choose complementary colors.

Another solution that we adore at Carocim is selecting a pattern on the floor and extending it to the wall behind the glass door of the shower. The other two walls (with the fourth being glass) can remain plain, either with tiles or polished concrete. The effect achieved is striking, oscillating between tradition and modernity. Regarding wall coverings, a thickness of 16 mm is sufficient. For your shower tray, however, a thickness of 20 mm will be necessary.

Given that the shower area is particularly exposed to acidic or alkaline products, depending on the shampoos and soaps used, it is important to carefully follow the installation instructions found on our advice sheets. Also, do not neglect the protection of your tiles with specific sealers, while avoiding wax that can make the tile slippery by blocking its natural roughness.

Once treated, clean your shower tiles only with water using a cloth and mild soap. Be cautious with anti-limestone products as they can damage the cement tiles in your shower.

Feel free to draw inspiration from our beautiful selections of wall cement tiles for bathrooms.

2 trendy decoration ideas for a cement tile shower

1 - The Italian-style walk-in shower with cement tiles

The Italian-style walk-in shower has been a popular trend in recent years. This open shower with generous dimensions offers numerous aesthetic and practical advantages. It helps save space in a small bathroom and provides a more spacious and comfortable shower area.

Moreover, this trendy shower style perfectly complements all interior decoration styles, from classic to modern. Therefore, you can adopt it according to your taste and budget. Here are some decoration ideas to consider for a successful Italian-style shower

Opt for a transparent glass shower enclosure to visually enlarge your space and create a deceptive optical effect. This allows natural light to enter the room, making it brighter. It also highlights the cement tiles in your shower.

Prioritize noble materials such as cement tiles, marble, or granite for a chic and sophisticated touch. These materials will add character to your Italian-style shower.

Add some green plants to create a calming and Zen atmosphere. Additionally, plants are an excellent way to absorb ambient moisture and purify the air.

2 - The American-style shower with cement tiles

The American-style shower is a trendy choice. This shower, open on one side or in the front of the bathroom, optimizes space and creates a chic and modern atmosphere.

To create an American-style shower, you need to ensure that the space is large enough. Then, choose an embedded or freestanding shower tray according to your preferences and needs. You can opt for a walk-in shower enclosure, which offers all the conveniences of a conventional bathroom but with a more modern style.

Once the shower tray is installed, think about the shower walls. There are different types of walls, including glass, PVC, or aluminum. Glass walls are very aesthetic but require more regular maintenance. PVC walls are less expensive and easier to maintain, but they are prone to scratches. Aluminum walls are highly durable and require minimal maintenance, although they may not be as aesthetically pleasing as other options.

Once the type of wall is chosen, consider the accessories: faucets, towel racks, etc. The faucets should be chosen carefully to ensure compatibility with the rest of the bathroom elements. The towel rack can be fixed to the wall or the shower tray; there are different models and materials available (such as stainless steel or plastic).

Finally, think about the floor and wall coverings. Cement tiles are, of course, the recommended choice for your shower and bathroom. They are elegant, durable, and incredibly unique!

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